Hello Pattaya!

Robin is back in the land of smiles to provide you with the best value food you can buy in Pattaya.

After successfuly building and running the Chunky Monkey Restaurant on Soi Buakhao last year, Robin sold it and went home for a much needed holiday.

He is back, fully energized and at it again.

The Hungry Hippo Restaurant is his latest venture in a long line of successful restaurants.

Robin is here to bring you, the customer, the best value food in Pattaya, and to this end, the new improved menu is full of old favorites and new dishes for you to enjoy….. All at amazingly cheap prices!

We hope to see you all, old and new friends, very soon in the best new restaurant in Pattaya, The Hungry Hippo!

6 Replies to “Hello Pattaya!”

  1. Myself and my family have been visitors of Pattaya for many years and I have to say The Hungry Hippo is the best restaurant for value, excellent food, and pleasant surroundings.
    The breakfasts are so good for the money and also the main meals.
    The Sunday dinners are gorgeous. I had the mega meal with all three types of meats but it was too much for me to finish so my wife had to help me eat it and all for 199 baht. Not sure how they do it and make a profit. Do not walk past this place without giving it a try. You will not regret it.

    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for your comments. Although we are a new restaurant, still only 6 weeks old, we have filled a niche in the market and pride ourselves on offering the best value for money meals in Pattaya. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
      Cheers mate.

      1. Hi Andrew.
        You are all doing an amazing job.
        It’s like home from home and I mean that sincerely.We have been in Pattaya for 5 and a half weeks now on this trip and not found anywhere better.
        We are heading off home to England tomorrow and will miss your excellent cuisine.
        We wish you all the very best.
        Keep up the the very hard work you are obviously a great achiever in life.
        Mark Harper and family

        1. Hey Mark. Many thanks for your generous comments. If you are in the restaurant tomorrow before your trip, please come over and say hi to me. We know many of our customers personally because like you they are regular customers. It’s always nice to make new friends.
          If we don’t see you, we wish you a pleasant trip home and look forward to catching up on your next trip to beautiful Thailand.
          Cheers mate!
          All the best from the Hungry Hippo team!

  2. Robin deserves a medal for bringing cafe prices down to the proper level in Pattaya.
    For instance, what price is a tea bag? and what price is half a pint of hot water?
    I know there are overheads yet some cafes charge B50 for a cup of tea, and a small one at that!
    Well done Robin – give yourself a pat on the back.
    If you are able . . .

    1. Hey Toby. Thanks for visiting The Hungry Hippo. As usual, Robin has set up a great place where new and old friends alike can come and enjoy great value food in a very comfortable environment with friendly service.
      Haha, I don’t think Robin will be patting himself on the back any time soon, at least until he gets it sorted out.
      Cheers mate!

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